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Blah!  The image above describes what most people think of when hearing the word "prisons."  Let's face it - prisons and everything they represent are a dreary topic!

At the National Network of Prison Nonprofits (NC4RSO) - i.e., the coalition of community organizations delivering "prisoner reentry" programs - we find people and organizations to smile about regarding jails, prisons, and reentry.  

This page is where we list noteworthy "positives" regarding jails, prisons, and reentry (check back occasionally for updates).

Please help us give a "thumbs up" to the following:



To paraphrase retired prison chaplain Henk Smidstra, "Volunteers bring a bit of humanity into the institutions we call prisons."

Kudos about individual volunteers are on their way.  Kudos will appear on a rotating basis.



• The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, based in California, published a September, 2015 study called "Who Pays: The True Cost of Incarceration on Families."  This study documents what families already know: incarceration takes a toll on families who have a loved one in prison.  Check out their study.

• We also recognize groups around the country that work tirelessly on behalf of families who have incarcerated loved ones.



• Sue Berosh did a great job of organizing a "National Day of Prison and Reentry Nonprofits" event in Sedona, Arizona in November.  Thumbs up to Sue!



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