National Day of Prison and Reentry Nonprofits 2017


The National Day of Prison and Reentry Nonprofits is celebrated annually on the first Friday in November. In 2017, the date will be November 3, 2017.

The National Network of Prison Nonprofits (NC4RSO) encourages each prison and reentry nonprofit to plan ahead to participate in this annual event.  Local "prison and reentry" are the local components of this national event.

  • What: The National Network of Prison Nonprofits (NC4RSO, with additional partners, is bringing national attention to the impact of jail, prison, and reentry nonprofits make toward reentry success and community wellness.
  • When: November 3, 2017
  • Where: National. This is a national initiative with local participation from "prison and reentry nonprofits" around the U.S.  This is a media opportunity for our member organizations.
  • Why: Because no one is "just another brick in the wall."  600,000+ people a year get released from state and federal prisons.  We want people to succeed when they get released.
  • How: National publicity happens each year.  Local events in individual cities include activities set up and hosted by local prison and reentry nonprofits - social media about the work and value of "prison and reentry nonprofits," tables at local colleges, reentry round tables for the community, "information fairs" at local jails and prisons to inform local incarcerated individuals about community resources and programs, etc.  . Local groups hosting their own events can contact the National Network of Prison Nonprofits to request to have their events announced nationally through a coordinated combination of national announcements.

Media Fact Sheet

Media Fact Sheet 2017 (pending)



Seattle: National Network of Prison Nonprofits (NC4RSO) will host public roundtable of several local and regional prison & reentry nonprofits.  Event info here.

Links to more events will be posted closer to the date in 2017.

Cities that have hosted past events have included Sedona, AZ, Seattle, Washington and cities in Connecticut and Texas.


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