2017 Advocates for Post-Prison Success

 Want to help people transform their lives in prison and succeed when they are released?



Become an "advocate for success" in 2016 by supporting community groups all over the country that deliver programs in prisons and in the community (post-prison reentry).

  • Have you got a friend or relative who is incarcerated in another part of the country and you don't know what to do from so far away?  Or they are even nearby and you aren't sure what to do?
  • Do you know that mass incarceration is a problem in the U.S., but aren't sure what you can do as one person?

Your donation to the National Network of Prison Nonprofits is a straightforward way to make a difference. We are the national network of community groups delivering prison & reentry programs - so your donation supports community-based programming all over the country.  Therefore, you can rest easy knowing you are supporting community-based engagement that provides tangible paths to success for people who are incarcerated.

What exactly does the National Network of Prison Nonprofits do?

  • We are a place where prison and reentry groups network with one another.  This allows community groups to learn from one another so that everyone can deliver better services.
  • We do public outreach to interest more people in prison volunteerism.  This increases public involvement in prison & reentry services that support success for people who are serving a sentence or recently did time.
  • We conduct research studies about "communities and prisons" to find more and better ways to deliver prison & reentry programs.
  • We provide an assessment resource that allows "prison and reentry nonprofits" to identify their strengths and weaknesses, thereby identifying areas for improvement.  This is another way we facilitate improved delivery of prison and reentry programming.
  • We provide reference and resource information about prison and reentry resources around the country.
  • Our presence as a "national networking organization" provides additional miscellaneous services and opportunities relating to "prison and reentry programs." 

This is the place for you to contribute to community-driven programs on a national scale.  If you don't know of a particular program or a program in a particular community to support, donate here.  Every donation makes a difference - whatever you can afford.  We suggest a minimum $25 donation for those who can afford it.  Automated monthly donations are an option when you click to donate.

Starting January, 2016, all "2016 Advocate" donors will be publicly advocate" donors will be publicly acknowledged on a "2016 Advocate" page of this site, unless you ask not to be recognized; this will include 2016 donations that come in leading up to 2016 (i.e., November and December 2015 donations made for 2016).  Donors who contribute $100 or more will receive a star * next to their name.


Thank you

NC4RSO is registered with the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, so your donations are - of course - tax-deductible.

You can donate online below.  If you prefer, mail a check to NC4RSO, ATTN: Donations, 505 NE 70th St. #703, Seattle, WA  98115.   Mention "2017 Advocate" with your check. 


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  NC4RSO is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization


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