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The National Coalition of Community-Based Correctional and Community Re-Entry Service Organizations (NC4RSO) is a national membership organization for nonprofits engaged in the prison and re-entry context.  NC4RSO's mission is to support community engagement within this environment.

To further our mission, we provide the corrections and re-entry community with this research center to enhance approaches to community engagement within corrections and re-entry.  The insights delivered here contribute to how America addresses correctional and re-entry issues through actionable research and insight. 

The fact of incarceration is always an indication of a weak point in our social fabric. NC4RSO is committed to engaging communities in reducing these weaknesses.  This research center supports increased community engagement through increased knowledge and application of techniques relating to community engagement.  See our studies below.

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NC4RSO Position Paper on Evidence-Based Programming


December 2015 

Position Paper: Overcoming Systemic Barriers to Evidence-Based Practices Among Community-Based Programming in Corrections and Increasing Access to Such Programming.  Open here.

The National Network of Prison Nonprofits (NC4RSO) puts forward this discussion paper.



NC4RSO's Community and Prisons: Increasing Connections Research

2011 Study

Straight-Up: Mentoring Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Academic and field literature alike recognize the value of mentoring as a rehabilitative tool.  NC4RSO has explored the question of what effective mentoring relationships look like.  What key components - in terms of human interaction - are necessary to make a mentoring relationship succeed?  We have delivered next-stage research on this topic.

In this study, 100% of individuals who stay out of prison after incarceration (no recidivism) and build a positive life report that there has been at least one person, often multiple people, who has provided them with mentor-like guidance – with 100% of individuals indicating that their relationship with at least one of these mentor-like individuals began while they were still incarcerated.

While many incarcerated people who connect with a mentor and subsequently move in a positive direction already want to change their lives when they first connect with a mentor, an uninvited offer of mentor or mentor-like support contributed to a desire to change in 20% of cases.

Click HERE to download our November, 2011 mentoring study.

Pending Studies

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We will announce new studies as they develop.


Prisons, Peace, and Compassion Conference, 2011

NC4RSO Executive Director Kim Burkhardt and Board Member Alison Granger-Brown presented a paper at a May, 2011 “Prisons, Peace, and Compassion” conference hosted by the UNESCO Chair for Transcultural Studies, Interreligious Dialogue, and Peace (University of Oregon).  See: UNESCO.  Our field research for this presentation led to NC4RSO's interest in mentoring in the corrections context.


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