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Because no one is just another brick in the wall.


Support people's positive transitions before and after getting released from jail or prison.     Community programs support incarcerated individuals to move in a positive direction, thereby reducing prison-return rates (recidivism).  Your tax-deductible contribution improves community well-being.





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Automated monthly giving is available when you donate online.  $25/month is an easy way to become a sustaining supporter.


Why Donate to NC4RSO?

  "You make a living by what you get.  You make a life by what you give."  Winston Churchill


With your help, "prison and reentry nonprofits" change lives and improve communities.


All too often, there are statements about "I wish that...." "I wish that crime rates would go down...."  "We need more ways to reduce recidivism," "I wish that there were more rehabilitation solutions for inmates...." I wish I knew what I could do for my friend or relative who went to prison....," "I wish we could reduce victimization....," "I wish there was something I could do....," Well...there is something you can do!


TANGIBLE community-based solutions exist to reduce crime and improve community wellness while transforming the lives of individuals who are currently and formerly incarcerated.  You can support these solutions here.  Today.  What are you waiting for?

  • Every time someone in jail takes a non-violent communication class or a meditation workshop, they are learning new skills that they can apply toward in their lives.
  • Every time an incarcerated mother or father takes a parenting class or completes their GED in jail, they are more prepared to parent their children when they get released.
  • Every time a Books to Prisoners program ships books to someone in jail, this expands literacy and knowledge.

Our member organizations provide these types of services - and more - in jails and prisons.  We are a national network of community groups engaged in jail, prison, and community reentry programs (charities delivering prison programs). One program at a time, one volunteer at a time, community-based programs make communities healthier - decreasing incarceration and increasing the ability of people in jail to succeed when they return to the community.  95% of people in prison get released.  When individuals become healthier, communities improve.

We continue to move ahead - thanks to you and the commitment of our member organizations to work for a better tomorrow.  We see the difference through lives that are changing for the better!



We can't continue without people like you.  How much can you contribute today?


Because no one is just another brick in the wall


Here's what your financial donations support:


• Strengthen the network connecting community programs nationally, thereby strengthening their ability to learn best practices from one another.

• Allows NC4RSO to provide best practices strategies to member organizations.

• Support research that promotes program improvements.

• Educate the public about volunteering with community-based programs doing prison work, thereby increasing prison volunteerism both locally and nationally.

• Valued research studies about communities and prisons.  For example, our November, 2011 Prison Mentoring Study shows that everyone who stays out of prison after incarceration has (or had) a mentor-like individual who has guided them in a positive direction (see: NC4RSO Research Center).

• National network/coalition-baseed support to front-line community organizations involved in prisons and reentry.  This enhances front-line community programming.  The U.S. has 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's prison population; community engagement is an essential component of addressing society's incarceration challenge.

• National Day of Prison and Reentry Nonprofits.  The first Friday of every November is the national day of prison and reentry nonprofits.  This annual event brings community attention - nationally - to the presence and value of "prison and reentry nonprofits."



Contribute to our work today


• Donations to NC4RSO are tax deductible [ 501 (c) 3]

• Your contributions of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, or more support community engagement in prison rehabilitation programming, community reentry services, and related programming.  Contribute today! 


• If you wish, contribute through one of the teams on the right sidebar.  Pick a team that represents your interest.



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Automated monthly giving is available online.  $25/month is an easy way to become a sustaining supporter.


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 Because no one is just another brick in the wall.


Your donations are tax-deductible.  We provide a tax receipt for all donations.



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