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Ready to volunteer at a jail or prison?  Or with a reentry program in your community?


Here are the broad types of volunteer activities that are commonly available:

  • Services for incarcerated individuals. Rehabilitative programming, building positive community connections for incarcerated persons who will later re-enter the community, faith-based activities ( prison ministry ), support for families of incarcerated individuals, educational and tutoring services, books for prisoners, self-help groups, arts and crafts programs, gardening, and one-on-one mentoring are among the more common activities for volunteers at correctional facilities.


  • Community re-entry services for incarcerated individuals coming back into society (reentry). Join or start a local re-entry organization that assists individuals to successfully re-enter the community (for example: help arrange bus passes or interview clothing for offenders who get released with no transportation or appropriate clothing for finding a job), help specific individuals connect with community services (help them find resources such as job clubs, social service agencies, or self-help clubs), and/or provide a positive support network.

A good personal reason to volunteer: volunteering is linked to better health!  Check it out here!


If you think you may be up for getting involved, contact us .  We will connect you in with existing prison-volunteer groups in your community.  When there isn't a prison-volunteer group in your community, we will help you start one!


Community programming brings civil society into jails, prisons, and post-prison reentry.  Participate today! 


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