Delivering Hope

Because no one is just another brick in the wall.


NC4RSO expresses appreciation for the support that makes our work possible.

The success of any organization depends upon a myriad of indviduals and organizations. We periodically extend public appreciation here for specific supporters.



We thank all of the individual and organizational donors who contribute to NC4RSO.  

We particularly thank organizational supporters who have helped drive the community financial support that echo our mission of civic engagement; Bellingham Food Coop (Bellingham, Washington), End of the Road String Band (Lynden, Washington), and Fred Meyer-Kroger Foods (Pacific Northwest).



First, we thank those who have contributed time as board members at various times since our founding.  Alphabetically, these people include: Lisa Bowen, Jennifer Cobina, Howard Cohen, Liz Hale, Fred Eningowuk, Jen Gathings, Greg Hunt, Alison Granger-Brown, Jeff Wier.  

Second, we recognize the contributions of pro bono legal assistance of Kim Reed in Potomac, Maryland.



At various times, a number of individuals and organizations have contributed ideas  that have proven noteworthy at vaious times in our organization's development.

Member organizations that have helped in this regard include (alphabetically): Freedom Project (Seattle) and Prison Performing Arts (Missouri).

Other organizations that have provided particular assistance, knowingly and/or by example, include (alphabetically): the Elizabeth Fry Society and John Howard Society of Canada, the John Howard Society of Illinois.  In addition, we appreciate the networking support of various other associations.

Venture Philanthropy Partners have allowed us to adapt their organizational assessment tool specifically for the use of "prison and reentry nonprofits."

Artists Marek Sitko and Aga Sawata Doberchuetz of Poland created the artwork that they are graciously and enthusiastically allowing us to use as part of our Because no one is just another brick in the wall campaign.


  NC4RSO is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization



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