"David" Awards

(NC4RSO Awards for Good Samaritans

in the Community)


The National Network of Prison Nonprofits, NC4RSO, is the national coalition of community groups that deliver programs and services in jails, prisons, and post-incarceration reentry.  Our member organizations work with people who are - or have been - incarcerated.

It is common for the public, and incarcerated people themselves, to view incarcerated individuals as "society's throw-aways."  While prisons are necessary and the public can become discouraged when situations require incarcerating someone, this "throw away" perspective deters solution-oriented community improvement.  At NC4RSO, we focus on ways for incarcerated persons to successfully re-enter society after serving a sentence.  Further, communities need to engage with everyone to the full extent possible - while each person engages with their communities - for communities to be healthy.  This attitude applies in all contexts, even those where it's easy to dismiss some persons (not just in jails and reentry).

In an effort to encourage all members of society to engage in positive interactiosn everywhere and to thereby improve communities generally, we recognize groups and individuals with David Awards when they have demonstrated a positive attitude in working with someone in the community who could have easily been dismissed.

The David Awards are given in honor of a soul named David - a person with whom the first recipients of this award engaged compassionately when it could have been tempting to dismiss him. 


David Award Recipients 

The first David Award recipients (a group) received acknowledgement on March 3, 2015.  Help us give a warm "thumbs up" to the staff of the downtown public library in Renton, WA.


HERE is their award.

The Renton Reporter provided news coverage of the award here.

Also, award photos and announcements are posted on social media: Facebook and Twitter.


Additional David Award recipients are occasionally acknowledged here.



* If you know someone who should be considered for a David Award, contact Kim Burkhardt at keb (at) nc4rso.org.  Send us the person's name and information about why the person should be considered for a David Award. Remember, this award is given completely outside of the context of prisons and reentry!


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